10. A (Machine Pitch) Specific Rules:

Updated Saturday February 20, 2016 by Trabuco Canyon Little League.

10. A (Machine Pitch) Specific Rules:

10.1 Game Length

6 innings or no new inning shall start after 2 hours.

10.2 Games

No score (except for applying 5 run rule), standings, forfeits, protests or make up games. Score will be kept for the last 6 games in the season. During these games, Managers will exchange a lineup.

10.3 Defense

Free substitution. Each player shall play at least 12 defensive outs, with at least 6 in the infield. No player can sit 2 innings in a row. No player can sit 2 innings before all players have sat 1 inning. Ten (10) defensive players are allowed, with 4 outfielders. Outfielders shall not make unassisted play in infield and must be positioned in the Outfield grass. However, outfielder can throw ball to infielder to make play.

10.4 Batting

Each team will hit until the defense gets 3 outs in the field (other than strike outs) or),  9 batters, or 5 runs during the last 6 games when score is kept, whichever comes first. A continuous batting order with all players in the lineup. Each batter receives 6 pitches and is deemed to have struck out if player does not hit safely after 6 pitches no matter how many swings. Player cannot be called out on foul ball and will get another pitch. The batting order should be rotated each week so the same players are not batting at the bottom of the order. No bunting. Player Pitch – for 1 inning, the 1st inning, will be introduced for last 6 games.

10.5 Pitching

Player Pitch – for 1 inning, the 1st inning, will be introduced for last 6 games.

10.6 Dead ball

Whenever ball hits pitching machine (batter is awarded 1st base and all runners advance 1 base).

10.7 Base running

No stealing. Runners are allowed to run to next base when ball in outfield. Runner may advance a maximum of one base on an overthrow regardless of subsequent throws (example: overthrow at 1st, runner advances to second - then an overthrow at 2nd, runner must stay on 2nd). The ball is considered dead / play is considered over when the ball is in control within the infield. On the last batter, runners should stop at the logical completion of play, e.g., batter stops at first for single, or second for double.

10.8 Coaches

No more than 4 coaches can be on the field while on offense. And no more than 2 coaches on field while on defense. Starting with the last 6 games, no coaches on field while on defense.

10.9 End of Season Tournament

At the end of the season, a double-elimination Tournament will be scheduled. The Tournament will leverage the Pitching Machine, with no Player Pitch Innings.

10.10 Exceptions

The league President and Division Representative must approve exceptions to local rules in advance. The player's parent must also approve player safety exceptions.

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