9. AA Specific Rules

Updated Tuesday January 27, 2015 by Trabuco Canyon Little League.

9. AA Specific Rules

9.1 Continuous Batting Order

Continuous batting order with free substitution.

9.2 Max runs

There is a 5 run max per inning rule. More than 5 runs may be scored by a team in any inning prior to the 6th (or "last inning" declared by umpire) in the case of an over the fence home run or an over the fence ground rule double (dead ball).

The 5 run max rule is waived starting in the 6th inning (or "last inning" declared by umpire). However, a team may not bat more than 10 batters in an inning. The 10th batter and any runners on base at the time the last batter takes his turn at bat may continue running until the logical conclusion of the play. The offensive team's manager is responsible for making sure that the spirit of this rule is carried out.

9.3 No intentional walks

No intentional walks permitted.

9.4 Mandatory Play

Mandatory play will be 9 defensive outs (3 outs in the infield) by the end of the 4th Inning and 12 defensive outs (6 outs in the infield) by the end of the 6th inning. Additionally, players must not sit out two consecutive innings.

9.5 Pitch Count

Pitch count is as noted in Little League Green book. Additionally, pitchers are limited to 9 total outs even if under the maximum pitch count.

9.6 Runner Advancement

Batter runner is limited to First Base after a walk. Runner may only advance to second base after a pitch.

Batter runner is limited to First Base after a walk.
Runners on first or second base shall only advance by straight steal, wild pitch, passed ball, batted ball in play, or forced to do so by batter (I.E. hit by pitch, walk).  If a runner advances in any other manner (I.E. runs on an overthrow from the catcher back to pitcher) and is put out in the process, he is out.  Otherwise, he is returned to the original base without penalty.

No stealing home. The only way to score is by batted ball or otherwise forced in by hit batter or walk. Should the defense at any point initiate a play to "pick off" a runner, that runner may not advance on any overthrow beyond third.

Advances from third on passed balls or wild pitches constitute a stolen base. Should a runner safely steal home, the runner shall be returned to third base.  However, if the runner is put out, he is out.

9.7 No Infield Fly rule

Infield Fly Rule does not apply.

9.8 Mercy Rule

Mercy Rule is 10 runs after the 4th inning.

9.9 Game Time Limit

No new inning after 2 hours 15 minutes from the start of the game.