4. Juniors Specific Rules

Updated Tuesday January 27, 2015 by Trabuco Canyon Little League.

4. Juniors Specific Rules

4.1 Eligibility

Players that are Little League Age 13 and 14 and live within the boundaries of Trabuco Canyon Little League (TCLL) will be eligible for the TCLL Juniors Division.

4.2 Season

The season shall consist of a pre-season, a regular season and a local post season tournament (double elimination for TCLL teams only). Pre-season games will not count for standings purposes. All TCLL teams will qualify for the Juniors Little League post season Tournament of Champions (TOC). This will be a District wide Tournament.

4.3 Late Registration - supplemental draft

In the event eligible players register after the initial registration and team selection, these players shall be assigned to teams on a first come first serve basis by the division representative under the supervision of the Player agent, if a team loses a player and has less than 12 players. In the event there are eligible players registered after high school players are eligible to play, a supplemental draft date shall be set by the Juniors Representative and the teams shall select players in an order that is the inverse of their regular season standing at the time of the draft (any second round will be in serpentine manner). Teams shall continue to draft until all players are assigned or a team reaches 14 players. No team shall have more than 14 players on their roster after the supplemental draft. Managers can pass on this draft if they choose. These players will be eligible for post season tournament play in accordance with established Little League tournament rules as supplemented by these local rules.

4.4 Game Balls

Home team will supply a minimum of three new game balls prior to the start of each game; home team shall also supply any additional new balls necessary to complete the game.

4.5 Ground rules

Home Plate umpire will define ground rules for the field prior to the start of each game.

4.6 Pool players - horizontal

A list of Pool Players will be maintained by the upper division player agent when requested; players will be supplied by list order. Use of pool players subject to:

· Pool players will play at least minimum play.

· Pool Players may only be used with 8 or 9 team players showing up to a game. 8 team players = 2 pool players allowed. 9 team players = 1 pool player allowed. (No more than 2 pool players can be used)

· Pool players may not pitch or catch. Pool players may not hit higher than 5th in the batting order.

4.7 Batting Order and minimum play

Continuous batting order shall be used by all teams throughout the season, including the post season tournament. Minimum play shall be 9 defensive outs in the first 5 innings and 12 defensive outs per game.

4.8 Time Limits

For "double header" games where games must be played within two and a half hours because another game follows; no new inning can start after two hours' time and if five innings have been completed, the game shall be considered an official game. Plate Umpires shall not allow the start of a 6th inning if the two hour time limit is reached. For all other games no new inning shall start after two and a half hours if there is a game following.

4.9 Mercy Rule

The 10-run rule will be in effect after 5 innings (4½ innings if the home team is ahead).

4.10 Game Rules

All rules will be listed on District 68 website for Juniors divisions except specific local rules noted on this document

4.11 TCLL Post Season Tournament

The local post season tournament will follow regular season rules