3. Seniors Specific Rules

Updated Tuesday January 27, 2015 by Trabuco Canyon Little League.

3. Seniors Specific Rules

3.1 Eligibility

Players that are Little League Age 15 and 16 (14 only if necessary) and live within the boundaries of Trabuco Canyon Little League will be eligible for the Seniors Division. Any exceptions to these eligibility requirements will be made by the Regional Committee by way of accepted waiver

3.2 Game Rules

Will be decided by District Wide Seniors Meeting.

3.3 Late Registration - supplemental draft

In the event eligible players register after the initial registration and team selection, the Division Representative shall determine whether and when these players shall be assigned to a team. In the event it is decided to assign these players to a team, a supplemental draft date shall be set by the Seniors Representative and the teams shall select players in an order that is the inverse of their regular season standing at the time of the draft (any second round will be in serpentine manner). Teams shall continue to draft until all players are assigned or a team reaches 14 players. No team shall have more than 14 players on their roster after the supplemental draft. These players will be eligible for post season tournament play in accordance with established Little League tournament rules as supplemented by these local rules.